Together we strive to defeat HIV-AIDS and its resultant poverty in Zimbabwe, Africa.
Project in Progress
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We are looking for donations of money and the following:

Critical Needs

1. Vitamins: Adults and Children. A-B1-6, B 12, Vitamin C and all available Vitamins
2. Chewable Prenatal and Infant drops
3. Ibuprofen (Advil, motrin, asprin.acetaminophen) chewable or meltaways
4. Infant drops and cough drops and cough mixtures.
5. Cold and flu medication
6. Diarrhea medication, cholera, Imodium, salt and sugar solution
7. Antibiotic of all types injectable and oral and Ointment
8. Neosporin Bacitracim
9. Colostral Bags
10. Arthritis Medication
11. Blood Pressure Medication: methyldopa captepiel ate natal. clonidine, lysine pril, minipress, hydrochotozide, hyclrilazine, metoprold, furosemide and diaretic
12. Respiratory medication: Salbutamol, staties, aminophyllin
13. Antihistamins: Phenegan,chlophenilamine, benadryl clarites
14. Blood pressure: Blood Pressuer checking machines and accessories, plaster of paris, bandages arm slings crutches, gauze swabs, tape gloves, cord glamps pads and thermometers
15. Syringes and needles of all sizes
16. Diabetic: glucose checking machine, insulin, metfomin, glubride
17. Heart medicine
18. Water treatment chemicals
19. Wheel chairs, walkers walking canes, bed linen, clinical bowls

Thank you FAME world for donation of Medical Supplies and Equipment, Bosma Industries for donation of gloves.

We desperately need medication to tackle the cholera outbreak so that we can ship them as soon as possible.