Together we strive to defeat HIV-AIDS and its resultant poverty in Zimbabwe, Africa.
Get Involved with Healing Friends
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Ways to Get Involved:

Be our partners to eliminate poverty in Zimbabwe Africa by donating in gifts and kind. To assist people in need who were affected by HIV /AIDS and economic hardships. No act of kindness will ever be wasted. Small gifts can make a difference in many lives. Please think of those families who do not know when they will have their next meal. Please join us to make a difference. Together we can strive for success and defeat poverty in Africa.


  • $1 will provide a day’s snack and lunch at school for starving child.
  • $10 will provide a set of school books for a child
  • $20 will provide school fees for a day scholar.
  • $50 will provide medication supply for a month.
  • $100 will start a vegetable growing project for a family and provide vegetables and income for the family.
  • $100 will assist a family to start a chicken-raising project for a family and provide meat and income for the family

Donate to the Healing Friends Foundation today. All donations are tax deductible.